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The Mitosis Series

As part of my independent study at NSCAD (The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design), this project is a merger between the biologic examination of life through the magic of cell division and ceramics.


Each dish represents a phase in cell division starting with prophase, moving next to metaphase, on to anaphase, and finishing up with telophase.


The shape of the bowls mirrors what happens within the cells during cell division.

A Caffeinated Cortex!


A Caffeinated Cortex!

These mugs mix art & science. Brain scans and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and views of the cells of the brain (neurons) as seen under the microscope end up in your coffee cup (or it may be your cup of tea). 


The message is Caffeinate Your Cortex! (the cortex is the very important layer of cells in your brain)

You are what
you eat!


You are what you eat!

These dishes show the incredible beauty of vegetable cells as seen under the microscope.

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss a commission
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